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In 2006, when I opened Gallery CAJ, these were my thoughts about jewelry: “Looking at jewelry in Japan from its beginning to the present, it would seem that most of the work emerged naturally under the influence of Japanese culture, religion, and language, and showed a sense of abstraction or intuitiveness often inspired by the materials used. This aesthetic would no doubt have been found only in Japan.”

Jewelry doesn't come alive until someone chooses a piece and puts it on their body.
However, our generation was born in an individualistic society largely influenced by Western culture, and grew up in a time when a new sensibility and set of values were being created. In the midst of a melded culture, there is now also jewelry that has come to reflect the present age, and work that reflects the conflicts between cultures and different historical periods. There are also many artists whose work is defined by the boundaries created by so-called craft, art, and design—which makes uncategorizable Japanese jewelry which crosses all these boundaries particularly exciting, and I am convinced that it has a lot of potential in the future.
Jewelry doesn’t come alive until someone chooses a piece and puts it on their body. Doing this makes a statement “This is me—and I am here now.” That statement encapsulates the wearer’s own history, culture, ideology and the jewelry become a device that creates a microcosm that is not only a personal statement, but also a piece of wearable art. I think we are at a point where instead of buying branded goods to wear on our bodies, we will use jewelry as means of creating our own personal brand, and as a way of creating our own personal style and story.”
Now, nearly ten years later, times have changed considerably, the variety of jewelry and accessories available has multiplied, and the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Our world is overflowing with all kinds of body ornaments, and more ways to decorate the body than ever.
However, the first thing that comes to my mind, is the value of having work that is made by hand and lasts over time, without deteriorating or getting lost in the moment of today’s fashion. These are the artists I am looking for and want to support.
Going forward from here, facing today’s reality whatever it might be, I will put every effort into making sure that Gallery CAJ continues to be the place in Kyoto to introduce contemporary Japanese jewelry.
C.A.J. Plus is a gallery of everyday vessels curated by the owner, KONDO Hitomi, which opened on the 2nd floor of CAJ in May 2021. Introducing works produced by some artists. When you come to the gallery C.A.J., please take a look at the 2nd floor.

C.A.J. plusは、2021年5月、CAJの2階にオープンした、コンドウヒトミプロデュース・セレクトによる日常の器のギャラリーです。gallery C.A.J.にお越しの際は、ぜひ2階も覗いてみてください。

Kyoto gallery exterior.
CAJ Plus gallery space.
Gallery CAJ & CAJ Plus
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