2021.4.14 (Wed)–6.27 (Sun) at gallery CAJ

I first encountered Miho Noka’s drinking straw jewellery 15 years ago.

“I remember how uneasy I felt about living in a society where things were here one minute and thrown away the next. I hoped that by taking things that normally end up in the rubbish and transforming them into jewellery, I could draw attention to their innate beauty” she said.

Her intention at that time was clear, and her design reflected that. Since then, by turning things like plastic drinking straws, cable ties and price tags into jewellery, she has been broadcasting a message, in a quiet and persistent way.

Now, times have changed – we have the issue of plastic pollution. And once again, she is raising questions that matter to all of us.
This year, 15 years since the first exhibition at CAJ, we begin with Miho Noka’s exhibition. We look forward to welcoming you.

A work made of some 300,000 drinking straws is also part of the exhibition.




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